A Practical Guide For Writing More In Less Time (I Followed This Strategy To 10X My Output)

How I’m able to hit “publish” every day.

Marichelle E. Urquico


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I used to take around a week to craft the “perfect” article.

After more than a year of consistently publishing online, I figured out the biggest mistake I make — doing everything all at once. This means writing, researching, and editing all at the same time. I go from one tab to another, add a new idea to an existing section, edit a typo and forget what I was thinking, etc.

Luckily, I discovered how to block tasks:


I do my research throughout the day.

Everything I consume is part of my idea generation process so I have to be intentional about what I read, listen to, or surround myself with.

I keep a list of ideas (that I turn into headlines later) on my iPhone.


Before I sleep at night, I try to pick one idea that I’ll work on the next morning.

Then, as fast as I could, I’ll write down a crappy headline and the main ideas (based on my research or my own perspective).

This way, I already know how the piece “flows” and I know where all the related ideas go when it’s time to write.


The writing part becomes easy in the morning when it’s time to fill out the outline.

During this process, I set my timer for 30 minutes (depending on how much time I have, I’ll rest for 5–10 mins and do more blocks if I can) then start typing on my keyboard.

I’ll use my noise-canceling headphones and close all windows — this instantly gets me into “flow mode”.


Just like that, my draft is almost complete in as little as 30 minutes and max. of 2 hours.

I’ll give it some time so I can edit with fresh eyes. It’s a lot faster and more effective doing this because I miss plenty of errors if I edit right away.

And the most important part — I publish even when I think it’s not perfect.

Because if I wait and keep editing, my article will never be ready for publishing.

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