My 3 Best Investments In The Last 2 Years

Marichelle E. Urquico
2 min readAug 28, 2022
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I’m very picky with my investments and purchases.

And honestly, I spend a lot of time researching a product before I buy it. And I’m glad I do because most of the time, I figure that it’s not worth the money.

But there are 3 things I’m glad I purchased. Here they are:

iPad Pro with Apple pencil

To others, these are just some fancy gadgets. To me, they’re gadgets that remind me to finish all my tasks.

Although it’s not cheap, everything becomes easier when you do it digitally. My iPad Pro and Apple pencil give me access to all my work files and personal stuff no matter where I am and whenever I need to. I like the good old paper-and-pen thing, but I don’t feel comfortable bringing and exposing my notebook around — especially when traveling.

The iPad Pro is so handy and easy to use so I don’t have an excuse to miss anything on my to-do list.

Kindle device

Just like the traditional paper-and-pen, I am also still a fan of the good old books — sniffing them, turning the pages, the feel of the paper, etc.

But digital books help me read more. It’s much easier to carry my Kindle device around than a physical book (especially because I am very careful with my books. I don’t want them to get dirty, wet or creased). There are also fewer distractions on Kindle as opposed to reading ebooks on my iPhone.

On top of being able to read more, I don’t have to think about where to place my books on my already full bookshelf.

Medium membership

For only five bucks per month, I get to engage with the most amazing people on the Internet.

I’m not exaggerating. A lot of other online platforms are great — but they’re full of ads and rude people. Medium stories inspire me to do better every day. It’s also worth noting that everyone on this platform is so supportive of each other.

These 3 things may not be typical investments, but they sure gave me the highest ROI.

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