A 5-Step Writing Process I Follow To Sustain My Online Side Hustle

How I’m able to write every day despite my busy schedule

Marichelle E. Urquico


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The world’s most valuable skill (that anybody can learn):


Which is why I decided to start writing online despite my busy schedule as a healthcare worker.

It was hard to hit “publish”:

  • No time
  • No expertise
  • Possibly a waste of effort

But writing online changed my life:

Since starting 2yrs ago, I’ve:

  • Built 14K Medium followers
  • Connected w amazing creators •
  • Posted atleast 3 tweets everyday
  • Written 200k+ words on the internet
  • Attracted money-making opportunities

Here’s a 5 dead-simple process (that anybody who’s busy) can stick to:

Dedicate time

I never had time before because:

  • I spend 8+ hours at work
  • I’m tired by the time I get home
  • I still think about work when I’m home

I thought writing would just lead to burnout. But it was the other way around.

I assessed my days. It turns out I spend plenty of time scrolling on my phone after work. My way of “relaxing” wasn’t helping me. I tried to replace my mindless scrolling after work with writing.

But for months, I would:

  • Sit on my desk
  • Stare at an empty doc
  • Struggle to write a single word

All because of one reason: I was low on energy. I decided I’ll write in the morning instead. But there’s one problem:

I wasn’t a morning person.

I had to change that if I want to write — so I did. This was the door that opened opportunities for growth.

Suddenly, I became more conscious of my habits:

I focused on:

  • Going to bed on time to wake up early
  • Building and…



Marichelle E. Urquico

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